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The Process of Installing Your Septic System

process of installing your septic system

Of all the do-it-yourself projects you do around your home, the installing a septic tank is probably the biggest one that you should leave to licensed Miami septic professionals such as Southern Septic System and Lift Station Corp. The process of installing a septic system is complicated and laden with aspects that, if handled incorrectly, could snowball into major issues for your septic system. And that’s not to mention the expensive equipment required for the job!

But even if you don’t plan to install your septic system yourself, perhaps you like to know exactly what’s going on with its installation. After all, knowledge never hurt anyone. And it could certainly help you ensure your own kind of quality control when having a new septic system installed in your home or business.

If you’d like to know a little more about the process of installing a septic system, then just read ahead!

Design The System

Your septic system isn’t like any other plumbing unit. You can’t just grab one up from any hardware store and drop it wherever you can. You need to account for space, slope, and even soil. The system has to be able to fit in the ground without disturbing any other fixtures, and it should still be close enough that wastewater can easily travel from your home or business to it. As for the soil, if it’s too thin, the wastewater won’t be treated before it enters the ground.

All of these considerations should be taken in by a licensed, experienced contractor who knows how to make a septic system work for your property.

Wait For Approval From The City

A septic system is a large installation that requires substantial digging. And a project of this magnitude can’t progress without approval from the city. This step requires receiving permits that comply with any law that is applicable to plumbing and building codes. To know the codes and what avenues to take during this process requires much knowledge and experience. If you don’t have that level of knowledge and experience, you could delay your septic system installation for a significant period of time. Don’t cause delays. Let the licensed experts handle it instead.

Install The System!

After getting through those sluggish, frustrating first couple of steps, you’re ready to have your new septic system installed! This process involves digging the appropriate holes and trenches for your septic tank and drain field. To do so requires -- you guessed it -- heavy-duty equipment that’s made to dig large but precise holes. You might not have access to that equipment, or if you do, you might not have the skills to work it as you need to for the installation.

Improperly using heavy equipment can lead to property damage and even injuries. Don’t put yourself and your property in that situation. Just let a licensed professional handle the hard, iffy work for you so that your new septic system gets installed correctly and, most of all, SAFELY.

If you need a new septic system installed, then please call our Miami septic professionals at 305-598-8266 or complete our online request form.