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Reliable Septic Tank And Drain Field Inspections

septic tank and drain field inspections in miami

Your Miami septic tank is pretty easy to forget about. After all, it goes in the ground where you never see it. Thus, your septic tank probably goes under your radar a majority of the time - that is, until you start to have problems with it. Then it might become the focal point of your life, and an irritating focal point at that!

Though your septic tank is easy to overlook, you need to give the extra attention to remember it’s there, waiting to be a problem. To avoid these surprise problems, you need to do a little more than simply acknowledge that a septic tank exists underground in your backyard. You need to have your septic tank system and drain field inspected regularly by a licensed professional.

And we here at Southern Septic and Lift Station Corp. are just the professionals to do the job. We have provided top-quality septic tank service in the Miami area for over thirty years now, so you can rely on us to provide nothing but the most thorough inspection for your septic tank and drain field. A thorough inspection by a Southern Septic and Lift Station Corp. expert will provide you with not just a thorough inspection but also all of the benefits that come with an inspection. Just a couple of these benefits include the following:

Determining Capacity Requirements

Of course a good inspection should monitor your septic tank’s well-being. But an inspection should also consider the setup that your septic tank works around. For instance, if your family contained only three members when you installed your septic tank but now it’s doubled to six members, then your septic tank might be insufficient to handle the greater strains put upon it. With a thorough septic tank inspection, you’ll know whether it’s getting time to upgrade to a larger septic tank. In either case, you’ll understand what’s going on with your septic system, and knowledge is as big a part of an inspection as anything.

Knowing What You’re Buying

If you are buying a new home, you’ll want to have the entire property inspected thoroughly before you sign ANY paperwork. This property includes your septic tank. If you buy a septic tank with issues, you might be in the hole for some pretty costly repairs - or worse, a full-blown replacement! This is a problem you simply don’t want to deal with right after buying a new home. To avoid the headache of an unexpected poorly functioning septic tank, just have a thorough inspection that will help you know exactly what you’re buying.

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